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What Is Contemporary Furniture Design?

We all know what contemporary means – it’s something that is happening or existing in the present. That makes it very different from something that happened in the past, or something that is yet to happen in the future. We all also know what furniture is, and we probably have a good grasp of what […]

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Pieces of Furniture that Changed the World of Design as We Know It

The first half of the 20th century saw the world go through two of the most devastating wars in history, the First and the Second World War. It was a time of political and economic turmoil, the time when the rapid advancements in technology that will mark the second half of the century were already […]

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Why is Luxurious Furniture Well Worth Its Cost?

You can’t have a home without furniture, and you can’t have furniture unless you have some money to spend on it. That is, of course, if you don’t know how to make your own furniture. But when it comes to buying furniture, there are choices out there for every pocket.

It’s not that hard to […]

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Common Mistakes People Make When Decorating and Furnishing Their Home

Some of us are blessed with great sense for spatial arrangement, some have learned color theory, and some of us have the ability to make things happen, and decorate and furnish an entire home in no time. Most of us, however, only believe we can do all of these things, and that’s why plenty of […]

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Things You Need to Know About Different Types of Lighting

When it comes to lighting and what it can do for your home, the only boundary that exists is the creativity of the person designing the lighting. The same space, with the same furniture and same decorations, can look drastically different under different lighting. But when you look closer at the lights in your home, […]

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What to Do With a Large Living Room

Living rooms, as their name suggest, should be the center of life that goes on in a home. They should be the room we spend the most of our time in, and as such, they should represent everything we want our home to be. For most of people, that means they should be comfortable, although […]

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How to Make a Room Look Bigger in 4 Steps

Small rooms can look luxurious, even if you believe that luxury can only be applied to large spaces. It doesn’t, not always – sometimes, a luxury apartment will have one room that’s too small for your taste.

A small apartment in a very in-demand part of the town can also be thought of as a […]

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Granite – The Best Material for Luxury Kitchen Countertops

Marble is the king of stones, the stone of kings, and as such, it is often cited as the most sought after material for luxury kitchen countertops.

It is beautiful, it is expensive, some types of marble are also in very short supply, and all of this goes to show how come it’s such a […]

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Less is more – Minimalist Luxury

The time when “luxury” was synonymous with “plenty” is over. There’s no more need for things to be golden and shiny, or super rare, for them to be considered luxurious. There’s no more need for heavy ornaments and intricately designed patterns to evoke images of wealth. We do not live in the era of baroque, […]

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How to Make a Kitchen Luxurious

Home renovations are a great time to give every room a more upscale feel. Everything that can be changed with a better, more sophisticated and luxurious replacement should be changed. Installing hardwood floors, buying new furniture from a famous designer, picking better materials for draperies – it all counts toward making a home more fitting […]

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